Example systems

To demonstrate the practicality of making a portable OS for ARMv7-M, we are in the process of producing a number of Neotron compatible systems. Note that some (or all) of these may never be completed, but all in-progress designs remain available under an open-licence.

  • Neotron 32 - an open-source PCB which plugs into the Texas Instruments TM4C Launchpad (a derivative of the original Montron project).
  • Neotron 340ST - based on an STM32F7-DISCOVERY PCB; not open-source hardware, but easily available from ST and it comes with schematics.
  • Neotron 500 - an unfinished attempt an an open-source PCB using an STM32H7 and other parts from the JLCPCB catalog so it could be built using their assembly service.
  • Neotron 600 - an open-source PCB which plugs into the Teensy 4.1.
  • Neotron 1000 - an open-source PCB based around the STM32H7, along with a Lattice iCE40 FPGA for hardware accelerated video output.
  • Neotron 9X - an open-source PCB based around the Microchip SAM9X60D5M system-in-package. Possibly not a "Neotron" as it uses a Cortex-A rather than a Cortex-M chip, making it binary-incompatible (although it should be source-compatible).