Neotron started as a project called 'Monotron', by @thejpster. This was based on the work of the Rust Embedded Working Group, and inspiration from the following (in no particular order):

  • Colour Maximite - A modern PIC32 based single-board home computer.
  • PE6502 - A modern 6502 based single-board home computer.
  • Gigatron - A single-board home computer, with a custom CPU built from TTL logic chips.
  • Commander X16 - A single-board home computer, with a 6502 and an FPGA based video chip.
  • Craft - Demonstrates bit-bashing VGA from an AtMega88
  • AVR-ISA - Demonstrates driving an ISA bus (and an ISA VGA card) driven from an AtMega128
  • The Commodore 64C - @thejpster's first home computer
  • The BBC Microcomputer range (the Model B through to the Archimedes A3000) - as used in UK schools in the 1980s
  • The Amstrad range of CP/M machines, particularly the PCW9512

After meeting @IGBC at Oxidize 2019, discussions started around a next-generation system with higher performance. This led to the Neotron 1000, and then to the whole Neotron concept. We've also great benefited from conversations with @jamesmunns, and others in the Rust Embedded Working Group.